What Is ActivTrax?

ActivTrax is a physical activity, strength and nutrition tracking tool. ActivTrax is a web-based program that creates customized workouts based on your fitness goals, experience, and measures of strength. The program makes exercise routines easier by removing the guesswork in working out. ActivTrax is cloud-based allowing members to access on their personal devices.

Available at the Niagara West, Niagara Centre, Niagara Falls and Walker Family YMCA branches.

What Does ActivTrax Do? 

  • Creates easy to read, customized workout plans. ActivTrax offers you a workout each day that you come into the branch. You’ll simply log-in to view your workout and be ready to roll.
  • Provide fully customized on-line nutrition option to help with nutrition tracking and meal planning efforts.
  • Conducts a simple, five-exercise strength assessment allows you to work out according to your current fitness level rather than experimenting to find resistance that provides results.
  • Establishes an automatic progression of your workout, according to your fitness level and frequency of use. Workout recommendations account for the “feel” of different manufacturer’s equipment, allowing you to break plateaus and get the best results.
  • Creates individualized workouts with any equipment in the branch; not just select machines. YMCA Fitness Coaches will be able to design custom programs using the latest functional and results-driven exercises.
  • Logging of your workouts at home, work, or at the Y.

Who Should Use ActivTrax? 

Everyone! We believe that ActivTrax will help individuals at all fitness levels and with all types of exercise routines. Whatever your health and fitness goals, you will have the support you need along the way! You can track your strength workouts, cardio workouts, laps in the pool, group fitness classes and more. The weight management tool will help those wishing to lose, maintain or gain weight. And, as always, you will have the community of Y staff and members to keep you motivated and connected to your goals.

How to Get Started on ActivTrax

Our Fitness Coaches will be happy to meet with you to personally set you up on ActivTrax. To get started book your Fitness Orientation today at the  YMCA membership desk.