Ontario Job Grant

Employment Services for the Employer

Hiring employees: The YMCA Employment Services will help you find and hire skilled employees.

Financial Incentives: Contact the YMCA Employment Services to learn about financial hiring incentives available to employers.

Hosting Job Fairs/Team Meetings: If you are in need of space to run a job fair or conduct team meetings or training session we have space that may suit your needs. We have a large board room, a medium sized workshop room and 5 smaller interview rooms. All rooms are IT-ready. There is no cost for having us host your job fair. You supply the interviewers we supply the rest.

Hiring summer students or help with seasonal hiring.

Training and apprenticeships: Learn about how you can benefit from training, increasing skill set of your workforce, apprenticeship programs and hiring incentives.

Downsizing and layoffs: The YMCA Employment Services has extensive experience working with business wishing to assist their staff during times of downsizing and layoffs. If you would like information on our support services for laid-off workers contact our office and one of our staff would be happy to arrange an information session.

Get in touch with the YMCA Employment Services team today. We aim to save you time and money.  Call us at (905) 684-3500.

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