Bronze Star & Basic First Aid/CPR-A

The Lifesaving Society’s Bronze Star develops swimming proficiency, lifesaving skill and personal fitness.

Candidates refine their stroke mechanics, acquire self-rescue skills, and apply fitness principles in training workouts. Bronze Star is excellent preparation for success in Bronze Medallion and provides a fun introduction to lifesaving sport.

Prerequisite: recommended completion of Star 7 or equivalent

Bronze Medallion & Emergency First Aid/CPR-B

Bronze Medallion challenges the candidate both mentally and physically.

Judgment, knowledge, skill, and fitness – the four components of water rescue – form the basis of Bronze Medallion training. Candidates acquire the assessment and problem-solving skills needed to make good decisions in, on, and around the water. Bronze Medallion is a prerequisite for assistant lifeguard training in Bronze Cross.

Prerequisite: 13 years old or Bronze Star Certification (proof to be provided to instructor on first day)

Bronze Cross

The Lifesaving Society’s Bronze Cross begins the transition from lifesaving to lifeguarding and prepares candidates for responsibilities as assistant lifeguards.

Candidates strengthen and expand their lifesaving skills and begin to apply the principles and techniques of active surveillance in aquatic facilities. Bronze Cross emphasizes the importance of teamwork and communication in preventing and responding to aquatic emergencies. Bronze Cross is a prerequisite for advanced training in the Society’s National Lifeguard and leadership certification programs.

Prerequisite: Bronze Medallion and Emergency First Aid/CPR-B certificate

YMCA Swim Instructors & Lifesaving Society (LSS) Lifesaving Instructors

This course certifies participants to teach the YMCA Learn to Swim/Star Program and the LSS Bronze Family Awards. The swim instructor portion prepares the instructor to teach and evaluate the swimming strokes and related skills found in the YMCA program. The LSS portion prepares individuals to organize, plan, teach and evaluate lifesaving and resuscitation techniques in the Lifesaving Program.

Prerequisite: 15 years old and Bronze Cross

National Lifeguard (NL)

The National Lifeguard course emphasizes teamwork, leadership and communication in the prevention of accidents and in the first aid treatment of medical emergencies. National Lifeguard is the only nationally recognized lifeguard certification in Ontario, and required to lifeguard public pools.

Prerequisite: 15 years old, Bronze Cross Certification and Standard First Aid with CPR-C Certification. SFA certifications provided by training agencies approved by the Ontario Ministry of Labour or the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

National Lifeguard Recertification

National Lifeguard certification is current for two years and is recertified by completing a National Lifeguard recertification exam. The NL Recert exam is your opportunity to demonstrate your skills and recertify your award. Candidates should bring a whistle, barrier devices and proof of previous certification to exam.

Prerequisite: NL Certification

Standard First Aid (SFA) with CPR-C

Standard First Aid provides comprehensive training covering all aspects of first and CPR, giving an in-depth understanding of first aid training including: legal implications, bone and joint injuries, spinal injuries. Includes CPR-C certification. Certification is issued through the Lifesaving Society.

Prerequisite: none

Standard First Aid (SFA) with CPR-C Recertification

To attend a recertification course,  you must have completed a full Lifesaving Society SFA course within the past three years (to meet WSIB requirements). Original certification must be brought to class.

Prerequisite: Lifesaving Society Standard First Aid with CPR-C Certification (dated not more than three years)