2020 Summer Camp update

After careful consideration based on the latest COVID-19 developments and recommendations by local and regional health officials, we have decided to cancel our previously scheduled 2020 summer camp programs in Niagara. All families who have paid camp fees will receive a full refund.

For more details, please click here.

Helping Hands update – Intake for Helping Hands is currently closed while we work through the requests we have received to date. Please email helping.hands@niagara.ymca.ca to be put on the waitlist. We will contact families on the waitlist if any spaces become available.

Helping Hands | ages 5-15

Helping Hands is a program that strives to provide a positive, integrated day camp experience for children and youth with differing abilities who require additional support in camp. A limited number of spaces and days are available for those requiring a helping hand in smaller ratio. The fee for Helping Hands is $250 per week.Summer intake will open on April 1, at 9 a.m.; please email helping.hands@niagara.ymca.ca

For details on how to register, please contact the Day Camp office at ymcadaycamp@niagara.ymca.ca or 905-934-9755 ext. 280.

Families who are applying for subsidy from the Niagara Region should complete the subsidy process before contacting the YMCA.

Does your child need one-on-one support at camp?

Please ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do they require additional support in school or a modified schedule?
  • Is additional support or assistance is required for basic care (eg. toileting, feeding and changing)?
  • Does a physical, developmental and/or learning disability exists that may effect the safety of the participant or that of other program participants?
  • Is the child currently involved with a support agency (Pathstone, Bethesda, Community Living, etc)?
  • Will they require a smaller ratio then a 1 to 12 staff to camp ratio in order to be safe and successful?

If you answered yes to any of these questions please contact the Helping Hands team at 905-934-9755 ext. 280 to discuss options for your child. We strive to work with families before registering to confirm the accessibility of the program location, special requirements campers may have, if the Helping Hands program is appropriate, and the suitability of the camp environment. A member of our Helping Hands team will do a phone intake and work with you to determine what support or strategies are appropriate for your child.

Registration for our Helping Hands program is in high demand. The number of Helping Hands spots are limited. If no support is available, families will have the option to bring their own Independent Support Worker. Please contact the Helping Hands team at helping.hands@niagara.ymca.ca for more information on this option.

If your child requires specialized supports and/or the Helping Hands program is full, families have the option to hire their own Support Worker to help their child successfully participate in YMCA Day Camp. For more information on this option please contact the Helping Hands team at helping.hands@niagara.ymca.ca

Community Living

In Port Colborne-Wainfleet and Fort Erie, the YMCA of Niagara partners with Community Living to offer children with intellectual challenges that are supported by the agency additional support in camp. For more information, please contact:

  • Port Colborne Wainfleet: 905-835-8941 ext. 135
  • Fort Erie: 905-871-6770 ext. 240