YMCA Personal Training

The YMCA of Niagara strives to offer high-quality fitness programs that help members achieve their health and fitness goals.  One of the offerings that allows for our members to receive ongoing support, coaching and personalization is the YMCA Personal Training program. Personal training is a customized approach to understanding and supporting members to achieve their health goals and objectives. Sessions can be purchased at the Membership Desk or by booking a consultation below.

Monthly Personal Training Add-on

YMCA of Niagara members have the opportunity to add Personal Training to their monthly membership fee.The monthly packages offer members a convenient payment option, ongoing support and accountability, and an affordable rate for Personal Training.

ProductCost Per Session / Per MemberDescription
30 Minute Express Sessions$22Short on time? 30 minute Express Sessions enable our members to work one on one with a Personal Trainer in a efficient, structured, and condensed format. The focus of this sessions will be on circuit style programming or recovery training including stretching and mobility/stability work.
Monthly Individual Personal Training$36Monthly addition of personal training to your membership provides the best value for our members. This is the most cost-effective personal training option available. You have the flexibility of working with your Personal Trainer on a weekly or monthly basis. Your professionally certified Personal Trainer will work with you in a friendly, safe, effective, and motivating environment. Your trainer will work with you to develop a personalized functional training program that is results driven and tailored to your needs and goals.

Personal Training Session Packages

YMCA of Niagara members can purchase personal training session packages to use at their convenience. Small Group Personal Training is also available which is a 7 week program where a group of 4-8 members trains twice per week.

ProductCost Per Session / Per MemberDescription
Small Group (4-8 members)$12Small Group Personal Training provides a unique experience for our members to work with one-on-one with our certified Personal Trainer in a motivating and fun small group format of 4-8 members. This 7 week program will include two 60min workouts per week, functional assessments, goal setting, weekly take-homes, and a personalized program for you to follow after completion of the training. You will work through a progressive training program designed to help you reach your goals of increasing strength, building lean muscle, improving endurance, balance and stability, and most importantly make exercise FUN! This program can be customized to include all members from beginners to advanced.
4 sessions$42Maintenance Package: Body Composition, Assessment and Basic Circuit Program. Your Personal Trainer can develop a basic exercise program based on your needs and goals.
8 sessions$40Functional Package: Body Composition, Assessement, Functional Strength Focus. Your Personal Trainer will take you through a functional assessment and work with you to increase your strength, mobility, and general health.
12 sessions$38Lifestyle Package: Body Composition, Assessment, Strength and Conditioning Focus. Your Personal Trainer will take you through our Functional Movement Screen and work with you to develop a results-driven, progressive program including elements of functional stength, conditioning, balance and mobility.

Other Personal Training Options

ProductCost Per Session / Per MemberDescription
Non-Member Personal Training$55We invite anyone interested in experiencing the YMCA's Personal Training Services to come into our branch and work one on one with our Certified Professional Trainers. You can purchase up to 4 sessions. To continue using our services and purchase additional sessions, non-members would be required to join the branch.
Team Training (Groups of 5-20)$150 - $250Specialty Team Training allows a sports team to improve their skills in the game and work together collectively outside the game. With a focus on sport specific agility, conditioning, functional strength and mobility; teams will work with a Certified Professional Trainer through a periodized and progressive program designed for results, safety and for fun.
Partner TrainingSave $5 Per Person / SessionPartner Training is a service we provide to couples, friends, colleagues, and families. We are able to train both members towards a common goal and encourage them to stay motivated, accountable and work hard together through their personalized program.

Here’s What People are Saying About YMCA Personal Training

Personal Training Testimonial


“I signed up with a YMCA Personal Trainer after taking an interest in power lifting. I had no previous experience in power lifting so my YMCA Personal Trainer showed me the essentials and provided outstanding instruction, support and help. Personal training has been a very rewarding experience and has helped me reach my health and fitness goals. Above all else, my transformation and progress has inspired others in my own life.”

Personal Training Testimonial


“I have been a gym person all of my life and I’ve had many personal trainers throughout my time. The YMCA has been by far the best experience with a training facility and my YMCA Personal Trainer is a trainer who just really gets it. My trainer has helped me to be in the best shape I’ve ever been in. I’ve lost weight, built strength and feel healthier. Overall personal training at the Y has been a great experience.”

Personal Training Testimonial


“Last year I was scheduled for a knee replacement and I started personal training with my YMCA personal trainer to strengthen my knee before the surgery and it helped tremendously. My recovery was quick and I returned to sessions with my trainer to maintain my overall strength. I enjoy my time with her and she really cares and ensures that the program fits my needs.”

The YMCA of Niagara offers complementary orientations included with your YMCA membership. For more information on orientations, please travel here.
* Terms and conditions apply. Personal Training prices are subject to change at the discretion of the YMCA. Minimum 3 month commitment for monthly personal training add-on.