What to expect at Youth Action programs

YMCA Youth Action evening programs have been revamped to promote fun, activity, creativity, and safety!

Sample schedule:

20 minutes      Screening, sign in and get to know each other activities

50 minutes      Fitness activities and games

50 minutes      Creative activities

  • Each youth will be assigned a specific section of the hall or gym space to promote physical distancing between participants. Youth will be encouraged to stay in their specific area as much as possible.
  • Engaging activities will be planned to meet the unique interests of the youth attending.
  • Washrooms are available for participants to use one at a time.
  • For the safety of everyone involved, youth and staff are asked to wear masks while in the program, are required to sanitize/wash their hands regularly, and complete health screening prior to entry into the program.
  • Youth will be required to complete a wellness check online within one hour of attending the program and temperatures will be taken at the entrance.
  • Contact information for all youth attending the program is required at the time of booking via Eventbrite. This information will be shared with partners we are renting space from and/or Public Health as required.

Please click here to review the Community Programs Pandemic Plan for more information on the health and safety procedures in place.

Update as of March 8, 2021: As Niagara is currently in the Red category, the number of individuals in a Youth Action program has been reduced to 8 youth and 2 staff. The program space will be set up to allow for 3m between participants during physical activity.