The YMCA Way

At the YMCA we believe in the potential of every child and youth. As a leader in child development, we know the positive impact recreational experiences can have on the healthy development of children.

At YMCA Day Camp every child will have the opportunity to:

  • Play and enjoy being a kid
  • Experience a safe and supportive environment
  • Build positive relationships
  • Develop their uniqueness and sense of self

We hold all campers to the same Behaviour Guidelines that align with the YMCA core values.

All campers:

  • Are responsible for their actions, choices, and words
  • Will respect each other and their environment
  • Will care for themselves and those around them
  • Should be honest and true to their word
  • Will strive to make healthy and safe choices
  • Will value diversity and seek to include others
Family Involvement

Families are an essential part of the Day Camp program. We value and encourage your support and feedback. If things are going well, please let us know. If things are not working as they should, please be the first to let us know. Please contact Megan Calcott, Director of Day Camp, directly at (905) 934-9755 x 287 or e-mail [email protected]

We hire role models

All staff and volunteers are carefully selected based on their leadership potential, experiences, and ability to role model YMCA values. At the YMCA, we understand that children and youth need positive peer and adult relationships in their lives. We aim to develop today’s camp staff into tomorrow’s great leaders. All staff are required to have Standard First Aid CPR-C and meet YMCA Criminal Record Check procedures.