Given the recent developments, we want to be present in your fitness lives, and encourage you to stay healthy.

During this closure, our fitness instructors will be posting or going live on our social channels to help instruct and motivate you to stay active. Don’t forget to check out our YThrive page on YouTube for more #WorkoutAtHome videos.

Come, join in everyone!

Workout video: High & low intensity reps with Mike and Sandra

Workout video: Pilates with Lisa

Workout Video: Gentle Stretching with Ro-z

Workout Video: Quick core workout with Chico

Workout Video: Chair Yoga with Sandra

Workout Video: HIIT workout with Mike

Workout Video: Total body strength workout with Chico and Dar

Workout Video: Sun Salutation (Suryanamaskar) Yoga with Lindsay

Workout Video: Walking and Squats with Ro-z