2015 Tax Receipt Information

2015 Tax Receipts are now available

Electronic tax receipts for the 2015 tax year are now available. As per Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) regulations, official receipts will be in an unalterable PDF format.  Click here to access your receipt.

Receipts will be available for:

  • Child Care
  • Day Camp
  • Children’s Fitness Tax Credit

What are the advantages of e-receipts over old-fashioned paper receipts sent through postal mail?

  • It’s convenient.  You get your receipt when you want it.
  • We spend less time and money processing receipts, so there’s more time and money for programs and services.

Is this process safe?

Your privacy is protected in this process by creating a secure account with a user specified password.  This account is as secure as online banking or making purchases on the internet.

What if I have trouble getting my e-receipt, I can’t read it, or I lose it?

If you have difficulty accessing your YMCA account, please email onlinehelp@niagara.ymca.ca and someone will respond during regular business hours (8am-4pm) Monday to Friday.

If you do not see your Tax Receipt after logging in, please contact onlinehelp@niagara.ymca.ca.

If you do not have access to a computer and printer, you can visit one of the six YMCA Membership Centres in Niagara, and ask a Membership Host to print your tax receipt directly.

If you wish to have your receipt printed and mailed to you directly, speak with your Child Care Supervisor to obtain a “YMCA Tax Receipt Request Form”.  They will submit the form on your behalf and you will receive your Tax Receipt within 14 business days.


This process does not include YMCA charitable donation receipts. For questions regarding donation receipts, please go to the Strong Kids page.