Because Families Need our Help

Financial challenges go hand in hand with health challenges. When families face financial barriers, children become less active, less healthy, with fewer meaningful social connections. At the YMCA, we believe good health is a necessity, not a luxury, regardless of life circumstance or age. We believe in helping children and families thrive through our family programming, child care services and family fitness memberships. We believe in promoting healthy living, and make sure that no one is turned away from a YMCA experience due to an inability to pay. We’re helping youth get the leadership skills they need to gain employment. And we’re helping ensure seniors develop connections in the community. The YMCA fosters belonging and connection in every community we serve. We envision stronger, more hopeful and caring communities that result in:

  • Strong and connected families
  • Resilient children who thrive and lead healthy, long lives
  • Teens who are confident with a strong sense of belonging
  • Healthy, engaged seniors
  • Motivated adults that take charge of their health and get active
  • Happy people, excited about life

Help Support The YMCA

You can help the YMCA to achieve that vision. Charitable donations to the YMCA make a positive and profound impact on individuals, families, and entire communities. You can put your gift to work through a number of YMCA funds:

Strong Kids Annual Support Campaign

Legacy Giving

Scholarships & Awards