Please note: COVID-19 has affected some of our programming and we are currently NOT offering some programs including Team Sports, Kick Start or Drop-in Child & Youth Programming; for more the most up-to-date information, please see our Reactivation or contact customer service.
Conditioning Centre

Conditioning Centres allows members to work out at their own pace, using the equipment of their choice, in a great environment. At each YMCA Health, Fitness and Aquatics Centre our Fitness Centres feature a wide variety of state of the art aerobic conditioning equipment that may include treadmills, bikes, rowing machines, arc trainers, cross trainers, step mill, and more.  Strength training equipment includes a variety of selectorized strength machines and free weight equipment. Open stretch and/or studio areas are available for stretch, strength and functional training (equipment may include TRX, mats, exercise balls, light hand weights, medicine balls, steps, bosu balls, etc.).  Functional Training units (Queenex, Octagon or Synrgy are available at specific centres).  Indoor walking and/or running tracks are also available at each centre.

Equipment types and styles vary, for a complete list of equipment and programs, visit one of our Health, Fitness and Aquatics Centres.


  • The YMCA is a shared space for all members to enjoy.
  • Member, staff and volunteer behaviour should reflect the YMCA values of caring, honesty, respect, responsibility, health and inclusiveness.
  • Attire should be appropriate for a family friendly environment.  Shirts and indoor running shoes are required.
  • All personal belongings should be locked in the change room and not brought into the Fitness Centre.
  • Members are responsible for wiping down any equipment used using the wipes or towels and spray  provided.
  • Please return all equipment to its proper location after use.
  • For the consideration of other members please refrain from making excessive noise, and wearing any strong scents or perfumes.
  • Equipment is shared between members, and other members should be permitted to work in between sets.
  •  Member conduct and language should be reflective of a family friendly environment.
  • During peak times when cardio equipment is in high demand, please limit your usage to 30 minutes per piece of equipment.
  • For the privacy of other members please refrain from taking pictures or videos within the YMCA that have the potential to include other members or guests in them.

Indoor Track

Available at all YMCA of Niagara Branches.  Track design varies slightly by branch, there are two or three lanes to suit your needs: walking, running and passing.  Please use the lanes as designated in the signage. The running/walking direction on the track changes every day, so be certain to check the direction arrow before stepping onto the track. As a courtesy to other members, when using the track with a partner, run/walk one behind the other rather than side by side. Families with children of all ages are welcome to access the track together during Family Track times.  Parent/guardians are responsible for providing direct supervision for children on the track and ensuring they are following the track etiquette. Please check your branch’s program schedule for Family Track times.  Strollers are permitted on the track during Family Track Times. Baby Carriers are permitted on the track for use in the walking lane.  Members with babies in carriers are encouraged to utilize the track during non peak times. 

Youth Access

10 to 12 year old members can access Fitness Centre (excluding free weight area), Track and Group Fitness classes (excluding strength classes) with a parent/ guardian within arms reach once a Youth Fitness Orientation has been completed (parent/guardian must also be a YMCA member and attend the Youth Fitness Orientation). 13 to 15 year old members can access Fitness Centre (excluding free weight area), Track and Group Fitness classes on their own after completing Youth Fitness Orientation.