YMCA Move for Kids 2019 was a Huge Success!

We’re thrilled to announce we exceeded our Move for Kids fundraising goal of $75,000 and raised a grand total of $90,059! We couldn’t have done it without you! Over 700 participants, volunteers, and superheroes  moved so 600 kids get to go to camp and 227 more will learn to swim and be active in YMCA programs! Thank you!

Take a look at some of the great moments of the event!

Congratulations to our raffle prize winners for your fundraising efforts!

$100 gift package: Melanie Reed
$250 gift package Rob Welch
$500 gift package Ro-Z Wilkinson

Congratulations to our awesome superheroes who tested their powers of strength and perseverance!

Rob Quinlan
Marty Mako
Zhane Heddon
Anita Doppenberg
John Hayes
Olivia Bagnulo
Sue Smith
Darrell Carter
Trent Matthews
Justin Panczuk
Michelle Paliniewicz
Juliellen Sampara
Dennis Talbot

Congratulation to our YMCA hoodie winners awarded to everyone who raised $500 or more!


Olivia Bagnulo
Lorraine Bedrosian
Ajay Bhardwaj
Ian Brown
Tina Brown
Vita Gauley
Zhane Heddon
Jaime Hogan
Glen King
Tim Krause
Valerie McLean
Rick Mauro
Rob Quinlan
Juliellen Sampara
Cory Slykerman
Sue Smith
Terry Suess
Richard Viottore
Rob Welch
Cathyann White
Ro-Z Wilkinson

Thank you to our sponsors!