We’re All In This Together…
One thing I’ve learned in isolation:

“Isolation is extremely different than time-off… I never thought I would miss sports on TV so badly; thank goodness for Netflix.”

Something I want to tell staff:

“People miss us… I have had many comments. Just yesterday I happened to meet a couple of members while in the local hardware store and they spoke very passionately about the central role the Y plays in their lives and are eager to make a donation.”

A perspective on what I have learned from the network:

“We’re all in this together—small YMCAs, large YMCAs, Canadian YMCAs, American YMCAs—we’re in regular contact and are all facing the same questions.”

An update on business:

“With the shutting down of our YMCA revenue sources and the subsequent pressures on all YMCAs across the Province/Country please note YMCA Ontario & YMCA Canada are working on our behalf with their prospective government allies to garner available government funding. We are hopeful we will be updated over the next week or so. The YMCA is well-positioned as a potential recipient.”

Personal reflection:

“I must admit it is a bizarre situation when the YMCA has to close down our services…that our work would be a danger to our communities.”

Kyle Barber
Kyle Barber

Kyle Barber, CEO, YMCAs of Niagara & Oakville