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Let us help you reach your goals. Our personal training is a customized approach to understanding and supporting members to achieve their health and fitness goals.

No matter your age, fitness level, or lifestyle, the beauty of personal training is that it’s personal: designed just for you. Whether you’re just getting started, looking to get healthy, or trying to tone up, our trainers provide the customized plan and motivation you need to succeed. 

Here’s What People are Saying About YMCA Personal Training

“I signed up with a YMCA Personal Trainer after taking an interest in power lifting. I had no previous experience in power lifting so my YMCA Personal Trainer showed me the essentials and provided outstanding instruction, support and help. Personal training has been a very rewarding experience and has helped me reach my health and fitness goals. Above all else, my transformation and progress has inspired others in my own life.”

“I have been a gym person all of my life and I’ve had many personal trainers throughout my time. The YMCA has been by far the best experience with a training facility and my YMCA Personal Trainer is a trainer who just really gets it. My trainer has helped me to be in the best shape I’ve ever been in. I’ve lost weight, built strength and feel healthier. Overall personal training at the Y has been a great experience.”

“Last year I was scheduled for a knee replacement and I started personal training with my YMCA personal trainer to strengthen my knee before the surgery and it helped tremendously. My recovery was quick and I returned to sessions with my trainer to maintain my overall strength. I enjoy my time with her and she really cares and ensures that the program fits my needs.”