Please note: COVID-19 has affected some of our programming and we are currently NOT offering some programs including Team Sports, Kick Start or Drop-in Child & Youth Programming; for more the most up-to-date information, please see our Reactivation or contact customer service.

If membership is not what you are currently looking for, you can instead sign up for a YMCA Day Pass or Swim Pass. Child and Youth Day Passes offer a drop-in program too.

Here is the Day Pass and Swim Pass price information:

YMCA Day Pass

Child and Youth (access to swimming, gym and drop-in programs)0-17 years$7.00
Young Adult18-23 years$10.00
Adultabove 24 years$12.00
Family (access to swimming and gym)$19.00
Taxes included in Day Passes.

Swim Pass

Child and Youth (includes parent/guardian with one child under age 10)0-17 years$3.50
Young Adult18-23 years$6.00
Adultabove 24 years$10.00
Family (maximum of two adults, and any number of children)$12.00

Taxes included in Swim Passes.