For camp descriptions please refer to the Camp Brochure. 

Niagara West YMCA

Senator Gibson Public School

JUNIOR CAMPSAgesWeeksLocation(s)VenueWater ActivitesFee
Jr. Discovery5 to 61 to 9Jacob Beam Public SchoolOutdoorWater Games$37/day
Jr. Explorers5 to 6 1 to 9Niagara West YMCAIndoorWater Games$161
Jr. Mad Science5 to 63, 7Jacob Beam Public SchoolIndoorWater Games$210
Jr. Sports5 to 61, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8Jacob Beam Public SchoolOutdoorWater Games$164

SCHOOL AGE CAMPSAgesWeeksLocation(s)VenueWater ActivitiesFee
Aquatics*7 to 12 *1, 5, 7Niagara West YMCAIndoorSwim$174
Arts and Crafts7 to 124, 7Jacob Beam Public SchoolIndoorSwim$195
Cheerleading7 to 122, 5Jacob Beam Public SchoolIndoorSwim$195
Coding with Robots7 to 123, 7Jacob Beam Public SchoolIndoorSwim$195
Crayola7 to 126Jacob Beam Public SchoolIndoorSwim$210
Discovery5 to 121 to 9Jacob Beam Public School/Niagara West YMCA (wk 9)OutdoorSwim$36/day
Explorers7 to 132, 4, 6, 8, 9Jacob Beam Public School/Niagara West YMCA (wk 9)OutdoorSwim$155
Intro to Game Design7 to 124, 8Jacob Beam Public SchoolIndoorSwim$195
Mad Science7 to 122, 8Jacob Beam Public SchoolIndoorSwim$210
Ninja7 to 121, 6Jacob Beam Public SchoolIndoorSwim$195
Sports7 to 121, 3, 5, 7Jacob Beam Public SchoolOutdoorSwim$155
You're the Chef9 to 133, 5Jacob Beam Public SchoolIndoorSwim$179

YOUTH & TEEN CAMPSAgesWeeksLocation(s)VenueWater ActivitiesFee
Leaders in Training10 to 143, 4Niagara West YMCAOutdoorSwim$290
Youth Fit10 to 142, 6Niagara West YMCAIndoorSwim$190

* minimum swim level required