Active Summer Day Camp  

Move and Play 

Age groups: 5 to 6 years, 7 to 13 years

1-week camp 

Campers will be physically active while experiencing a wide variety of activities, sports, and games.

Move and Play Camp encourages campers to develop confidence and enjoyment related to movement, fitness, and basic sport skills, promoting ongoing participation in physical activity.

Through play, 5-to-6-year olds will learn to move efficiently, and increase their agility, balance, coordination, stability, rhythm and body control. 7-to-9-year olds will build upon their fundamental movement skills and begin to focus on overall motor skills such as running, jumping, hoping, skipping, galloping, and more. 10-to-13-year olds will continue to develop their fundamental movement skills, while incorporating sport specific skills in a non-competitive environment such as striking, kicking, catching, throwing, dribbling, while also developing their fitness and endurance. This camp has been developed following the Canada Sport for Life, Long-term Athlete Development framework. Age is used a guide for the Active Summer Day Camp; activities and skills will be adjusted based on the specific camper groups.

  • Creative activities
  • Movement games
  • Non-competitive sports
  • Outdoor discovery
  • Rhythm and fitness activities
  • Team building activities
  • Theme based programming
  • Water games

$200 per week