Because every child deserves a chance to participate

Niagara’s ProKids program supports the participation of eligible children and youth 0 to 17 in the sport, recreational or cultural activity of their choice. We work with more than 150 sport and cultural organizations to assist children and youth from low-income families to participate in activities available in their community.

ProKids is based on research that shows that participation in sport and recreational activities promotes healthy child development, self esteem and is linked to increase academic and social performance.

It is delivered through a partnership between the Niagara Region and the YMCA of Niagara.


ProKids can assist in covering some or all the cost of recreational/cultural programs if you:

  • Live in Niagara
  • Have a child between 0 to 17 years of age
  • Have a household taxable annual income below $40,000

ProKids can cover up to $100 of the costs of the activity. In cases where the cost exceeds $100, other options are available through partner grants, waiving of all or a portion of the additional fee, or costs may be shared with the family.

Please speak to the ProKids Coordinator for more information and options available.

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Contact the ProKids coordinator:

Desk: 289-362-1921 / Cell: 905-658-1677
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