Aquatic Fitness


Aquafit is a water-based class that provides a wide variety of movements to give you a cardiovascular workout using water as added resistance with less joint impact. Aquafit classes often incorporate strength components, core stability exercises and stretching. Find class schedules here. 

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Shallow Aquafit

Shallow Aquafit incorporates high intensity/low impact cardio. The floor of the pool gives you a sense of security, especially for those with weak swimming skills. To achieve optimal water resistance, participants are encouraged to choose a depth that allows them to lift their arms to shoulder height while remaining under water. Find class schedules here. 

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Deep Aquafit

Deep Aquafit focuses on cardiovascular movements incorporating core stability while actively using abdominal muscles. This class eliminates impact while remaining challenging. Swimming confidence and ability is required for Aquafit in the deep end of the pool as you are using buoyancy throughout the workout. Aquafit belts are available. Find class schedules here. 

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Aquafit in Moderation

Is ideal for those looking for a modified or moderate class. This class is offered in the shallow end and combines cardiovascular conditioning and range of motion. Many movements used in a shallow Aquafit class are adapted to meet the needs of participants with less intensity. Find class schedules here. 

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Aqua Zumba®

Aqua Zumba ® brings all the fun of Zumba ® on land to the water! This class will allow members to move through the water following dance inspired choreography. Zumba ® fuses Latin rhythms and moves to create a dynamic class that is exciting to participate in! Find class schedules here. 

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