The YMCA of Niagara is a partnership of staff and volunteers. As a leading charity, the YMCA is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of 14 individuals from across the community.

YMCA of Niagara Board of Directors 2019-20

Ian Brown (Chair)
Terry Suess (Past Chair)
Mike Watt (Vice Chair)
Jay Hamilton (Vice Chair)
Ajay Bhardwaj
Jennifer Dockstader
Civita Gauley
Allie Hughes
Suzanne Johnston (resigned)
Glen King
Tim Krause
David Oakes
Jim Parke
Shannon Peters
YMCA of Niagara Board of Directors 2019-20
Front row: (Left to right) Kyle Barber (outgoing CEO), Civita Gauley and Terry Suess (Past Chair)
Back row: (Left to right) Ajay Bhardwaj, David Oakes, Shannon Peters, Mike Watt (Vice Chair), Suzanne Johnston, Tim Krause, Ian Brown (Chair), Glen King, Jim Parke, Allie Hughes and Jay Hamilton (Vice Chair)
Absent: Jennifer Dockstader


YMCA Voting Member

The YMCA of Niagara strives to provide relevant, transparent and accountable governance that positions the YMCA to advance its Mission, Vision and Values while meeting all regulatory requirements of a charitable organization. Periodically, the YMCA seeks to fill vacancies for YMCA Voting Member positions.

Individuals who are interested in becoming a YMCA Voting Member are invited to review the Voting Member criteria outlined in the YMCA Voting Member Application Form based on the YMCA By-Law. The application form is available below in PDF form. The Voting Member criteria generally include those who have demonstrated their alignment with the YMCA’s Mission, Vision and Values through their contribution of time, talent and treasure to the YMCA.

Interested individuals who meet the criteria, are welcome to submit a completed and signed YMCA Voting Member Application Form to the YMCA Governance Committee. After a review of all applicants which generally occurs each spring, the Governance Committee will bring forward recommended candidates to the YMCA Board of Directors for final selection. The term for a Voting Member is a three year period. Please contact the YMCA CEO by calling (905) 646-9622 if you wish to discuss the YMCA Voting Member role further.

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