South Africa YMCA and YMCA of Niagara

The YMCA has a long history of international partner YMCAs supporting and learning from each other. Since 2006 the South Africa and the YMCA of Niagara have been working together to support each other’s Mission, Vision and Values.

Our current partnership agreement supports the development priorities of the South Africa YMCA with specific focus on three core areas: marketing; government partnerships; and impact measurement.

YMCA of South Africa

Is an organization that seeks to provide opportunities for young people to develop themselves in a way that will touch their families and communities in a positive manner. They exist in 21 communities around South Africa, running programs relating to life skills; HIV/AIDS awareness/prevention and care; youth justice and rehabilitation; student hostels; campus ministry; spiritual growth; trauma counseling; civic education; IT and basic computer literacy training; and arts and culture programs.


To be a socially relevant, active, ecumenical leader that works with young people to transform their lives for life, leadership and service and empowering them for the African Renaissance.